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  • Billing Questions: (904) 688-3997
  • Human Resources: (904) 399-6711
  • Physician Referral: (800) 530-3244
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Memorial Hospital
3625 University Blvd. S.
Jacksonville, FL 32216
Tel: (904) 399-6111

Memorial Hospital is currently converting to a new ‘702’ telephone exchange. For example, a phone number, which used to be (904) 399-6074, will now be listed at (904) 702-6111. If you are dialing the new 702 exchange but having trouble reaching a certain department, you may use the old exchange of either 391 or 399. If the last four digits of the phone number begin with a ‘1’ then use the ‘391’ exchange, and if the last four digits begin with a ‘6’ then use the ‘399’ exchange. Thank you for your patience during this transition.

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