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Memorial Hospital Hosts Clinical Trial for the Treatment of Heart Failure

July 26, 2012

Jacksonville, FL – Memorial Hospital today announces its participation as the only local hospital enrolling patients in an important trial that shows promise for the treatment of chronic, advanced heart failure.

The CUPID Trial is a gene therapy study that seeks to find a better, more effective treatment for patients with severe heart failure. In this trial, the gene therapy treatment, MYDICAR®, is given to one group of patients while a placebo is given to another group. Early data showed that patients treated with MYDICAR® became stabilized at 12 months, while the health of those who received the placebo tended to deteriorate as typically occurs in patients with heart failure.

Dr. Michael Koren, the current President of both the Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research and the metro-DC based organization Academy of Physicians in Clinical Research, is the cardiologist who will oversee the trial as Principal Investigator with the participation of other Memorial Hospital based Cardiology Specialists.

Memorial Hospital hosts numerous clinical trials every year, as its doctor’s look to find treatment for serious diseases and medical conditions.