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Memorial Hospital to Build Free-Standing ER in St. Johns County

April 05, 2012

Memorial Hospital will bring quality emergency care to St. Johns County when it opens a free-standing emergency room towards the end of 2012. The 12 bed, 11,000 foot facility will be located at 3635 Race Track Road.      

“We are excited about being able to provide emergency care to an area that needs it,” said Memorial Hospital CEO James O’Loughlin. “We would not be expanding to St. Johns County if it weren’t for the strong support of County leaders. They deserve a lot of credit for making this happen here.”

The Race Track Road location is one of four free-standing Emergency Rooms that HCA, of which Memorial Hospital is an affiliate, plans on building in Florida and the only one in North Florida. Several hospitals submitted requests for free-standing ERs in their areas. Strong community support and a generous economic incentives package from the County convinced corporate leaders that St. Johns County needed this expansion project.

“Plain and simple, this would not have happened without community support,” Mr. O’Loughlin said. “It’s one thing for us to say an ER is needed, it’s a lot different when you have citizens and County leaders saying it’s vitally needed.”

The Race Track Road location will be a full-service ER with a dedicated pediatrics area, which makes it a lot different from an urgent care center. This facility will be licensed by the State as an Emergency Department and gives St. Johns County Rescue Crews a place for patients to be treated 24-7.