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Average ER Wait Times

Memorial Hospital Jacksonville

-- mins

Memorial Emergency Center - Atlantic

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Memorial Emergency Center - Julington Creek

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OB Hospitalists

An OB Hospitalist is an obstetrician that is onsite 24/7. Memorial Hospital was the first hospital in the area to offer this round-the-clock coverage. The OB Hospitalist is immediately available throughout the day and night to examine patients, evaluate the progress of labor, react to laboratory abnormalities, and provide a safe delivery. As your doctor travels from their office to the hospital, there is no delay if they get caught in a traffic jam or have car trouble.

If an emergency occurs, the OB Hospitalist is already on the scene, ready to respond with lifesaving intervention. The presence of a doctor full-time in Labor and Delivery improves patient safety because the OB Hospitalist is available at the hospital whenever they are needed. They can respond immediately to patient needs for anesthesia, can provide comfort and reassurance to an anxious family, are able to evaluate worrisome fetal heart rate tracings, and stay on top of any problem that may evolve.