Memorial Hospital
October 01, 2018

Cardiovascular Operating Room

Jacksonville, FL – Memorial Hospital has completed a $2.5M renovation and upgrade of two Cardiovascular Operating Rooms. The surgical suites were constructed and designed to support modern surgical techniques as well as future innovation.

The operating rooms, which are considered “Smart ORs” or “iSuites”, are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and digital integration so patient information, images and video are at the medical team’s fingertips at all times.

“These operating rooms allow us to increase efficiency and optimize patient care,” said Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon Dr. Dale Mueller, MD.  “Being able to access 3-D images during cardiothoracic and vascular surgery enhances visualization and communication so everyone in the room involved in the patient’s care can follow precise details and provide real-time input during surgical procedures.”

Suspended from the ceiling with boom-arm technology, HD video monitors provide enhanced visualization for the entire medical team while improving work flow so care teams can move about during complex surgical cases.  In addition, the streaming image and video capabilities enable the surgeon to consult in real-time with specialists off-site directly from the operating room.

“This industry-leading technology modernizes our capabilities and reaffirms our commitment to providing high-quality care to our cardiovascular patients,” said Memorial Hospital President & CEO Bradley S. Talbert, FACHE. “Investing in our cardiovascular operating rooms allows us to enhance how we deliver care to patients and position ourselves for future innovation.”

 Memorial performs about 300 heart surgeries a year. To learn more about the cardiac program at Memorial Hospital, visit our cardiology specialty page.