Memorial Hospital September 19, 2013

Jacksonville, FL - Memorial is the first hospital in the entire country to receive re-certification for an important anti-infection program.

Three years ago, out of more than 5,800 hospitals in the United States, Memorial Hospital was the first to receive the Joint Commission’s Disease Specific Certification for Sepsis. In recent weeks Memorial became the first hospital to earn re-certification.

Just as the Joint Commission certifies Primary Stroke Centers and other programs, they are now certifying Sepsis programs. In fact, it was based on Memorial’s program that the Joint Commission created the Disease Specific Certification for Sepsis. This means Memorial Hospital is taking the lead in preventing and treating a medical condition that kills more people each year than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined.

Sepsis occurs when a serious infection begins to spread throughout the body. Early detection is vital since approximately 40% of patients that are determined to have severe Sepsis do not survive. In creating a new certification for Sepsis, the Joint Commission noted that implementation of protocols in use by Memorial Hospital would greatly improve the care of patients throughout the United States who have Sepsis.