Memorial Hospital
March 03, 2014


Discharge summaries, lab results, radiology reports and visit histories are now just a click away. Memorial Hospital has added a patient portal to its website that will make it easier for many patients to access important health information.

Patients 18+ that visit our Emergency Department, the Memorial Emergency Center - Julington Creek or are admitted to the hospital are eligible for this service. They can register at the hospital or after they arrive home. Their information will be available to them 36 hours after they are discharged.

The portal is safe and private. Passwords are encrypted and URLs cannot be replicated. The portal also times out if you leave the page open and unattended, just like with a bank or credit card website.

“This is an important step for Memorial Hospital,” said Memorial President & CEO Jim O'Loughlin. “It allows patents to access their information when they need it. This is certainly where healthcare is heading.”

Another important feature is a patient's ability to send reports to their physicians through the portal.

“Our goal is to make the healthcare process smoother for our patients and their physicians,” Mr. O'Loughlin said. “Many times, following-up with a physician after discharge can be the key to recovery.”