Memorial Hospital
April 30, 2018

Memorial Hospital is renovating and upgrading two Cardiovascular Operating Rooms in an effort to provide a more efficient space with cutting-edge equipment for our cardiovascular and surgical teams. Once completed the Operating Rooms will be considered "Smart ORs", meaning they'll be equipped with state-of-the-art technology with digital integration so patient information, images and video will be at the surgeons' fingertips at all times.

"Being able to access 3-D images during cardiothoracic and vascular surgery enhances visualization and communication so everyone in the room involved in the patient's care can follow precise details and provide real-time input," said Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon Dr. Dale Mueller, MD. "The technology also allows surgeons to capture high-resolution pictures and video, which can be used to educate patients and their family members following surgical procedures."

Surgeons can also use the HD video monitors to consult in real-time with specialists off-site directly from the operating room. The smart ORs will have several widescreen monitors mounted from the ceiling, which can easily be controlled by the surgical staff. Together, the superior lighting and optical zoom functions on the in-light cameras will enhance visualization for everyone on the surgical team.

In addition to the technological enhancements, the Smart ORs will offer more space for the teams to move about, which will improve workflow, particularly when a multi-disciplinary team is merging their expertise and working together during complex, surgical cases.

"This innovative design modernizes our patient care environment and reaffirms our commitment to providing high-quality care to our patients," said Memorial Hospital President & CEO Bradley S. Talbert, FACHE. "Investing in our facility and improving our environment allows us to improve accuracy and efficiency leading to better outcomes for our patients."

The Smart OR project, which is expected to be completed this summer, costs about $2.5M and is part of a larger plan to upgrade the surgical services department at Memorial Hospital.