Memorial Hospital
March 13, 2021

Jacksonville, FL – The future of golf champions are ready to CRAWL. WALK. GOLF. complete with a hat, club and golf bag! Thank you to The PLAYERS Championship for the most adorable onesies for our three special Memorial Hospital baby boys and future champions born during the prestigious week of the tournament!

All moms and babies are healthy, happy and ready to conquer the golf course!

The PLAYERS also provided some great newborn baby tips in their PLAYERS welcome and congrats cards for new mothers:

As he/she prepares for an exciting journey to "Crawl, Walk, and Golf," enjoy this onesie and safe sleep practices:

Word Safe sleep practice
Alone Babies should always sleep alone. Keep soft objects out of the crib.
Back Babies should always be placed on their backs to sleep. Back sleep. Every Sleep.
Crib Babies should always sleep in an empty crib, bassinet or Pack 'n Play; never on soft surfaces.

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