Memorial Hospital
April 11, 2018

A mom finds relief sitting in a rocking chair during early labor.

Memorial Hospital is proud to offer wireless monitoring technology for mothers in labor. The new technology being used in the women's center at Memorial Hospital provides comfort to women who may want to walk and move about while in labor.

"The new technology is safe and accurate and allows women greater freedom of movement during contractions, which can help labor progress and make moms more comfortable," said Dr. Angela Martin, Obstetrician and Gynecologist with Memorial Women's Health. "The wireless technology is also helpful for monitoring high BMI patients allowing the team to separate the fetal heart rate from the maternal heart rate, even when fetal and maternal heart rates are similar."

The Novii wireless patch system transmits information via Bluetooth technology and can transmit data up to 110 feet. The patch device tracks the heartbeat of both mom and baby as well as the progression of contractions.

Until now, staff would hook a belt and cable up to the mom's belly to monitor both mom's vitals and the baby's heart rate.

"The traditional cable belt technology is still considered reliable and accurate, however, the devices have to be plugged in, which limits the mom's mobility," said Jill Bodden, RNC, BSN, Director of Women's Services at Memorial Hospital. "The new technology allows our moms to walk around or even take a shower while in labor, which can provide relief from contractions, bring comfort and offer new moms another option for their birthing experience."

Memorial Hospital began using the technology on patients in March.