Memorial Hospital
March 31, 2021

JACKSONVILLE, FL — Memorial Hospital Jacksonville will have yellow Flags of Hope for members of its staff to display in the front of its hospital entrance to remember the Pandemic — one year later — as a symbolic healing gesture of letting go and looking forward.

Flags of Hope will be displayed on Wednesday, April 7th to mark one year of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Memorial Hospital was the first Northeast Florida hospital to admit a COVID-19 patient back on March 11, 2020.

“This will be an incredibly powerful and emotional moment for us all,” said Mary Reval, Chief Nursing Officer of Memorial Hospital. “Many of our staff have been touched by COVID-19 either by the patients they’ve treated, their friends or family who had COVID. We want to honor them all with this symbolic flag display which is also a way for our staff to heal and move forward.”

“This is a chance for us to look back in remembrance of surviving one of the toughest years in history, and to move forward with hope” said Albert E. Holt, IV, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer of Memorial Hospital. “After the constant stress and anxiety of the worldwide pandemic, we have hope that our aggressive vaccination campaign will put an end to this unprecedented and challenging year.”