Memorial Hospital
May 13, 2019

A celebration to inspire and support traumatic injury survivors

Memorial Hospital staff and physicians will be hosting an event to honor trauma survivors on Wednesday, May 15 from 1p-2p in the Memorial Hospital Auditorium. The celebration aims to inspire and support survivors of traumatic injuries and to reunite them with all their caregivers that touched their lives before, during and post treatment at Memorial.

Trauma Survivor’s Day will include inspiring stories of strength from survivors, a reunion of patients and their caregiver team of physicians, nurses and EMS staff. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer Bill Adams will be reuniting with his caregivers following his traumatic experience which included losing his wife who was a fellow officer. Additionally, keynote speaker Brian Batten will share his trauma story - a day he will never forget - when an industrial tire he was inflating exploded on him sending him four feet into the air. Batten will be reunited with his caregivers for the first time.

“It is an incredibly emotional time for everyone because as caregivers, we realize the many necessary and often challenging steps we’ve had to take to save these survivors lives…and to see how far they have come from the worst day of their lives…is inspiring,” said Michael Samotowka, MD, general trauma surgeon at Memorial Hospital. “The event is intended to bring all caregivers together and to reunite them with their patient, and to see how far they’ve come on their continuing journey of recovery.”

Former fire chief and current Director of Community Affairs for the City of Jacksonville, Charles Moreland, PhD, will make a formal address on behalf of the Mayor of Jacksonville. EMS providers and Jacksonville Fire and Rescue will be on-hand to offer their support and encouragement.

A photo booth and a special singing performance by Angela Milagros along with light refreshments will be offered.

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