Memorial Hospital - July 31, 2018

Linda SantaCasa says she received a phone call on June 20, 2018 that she’ll never forget. The Jacksonville Sherrif’s Office called at 3am to tell Linda her son, Tony, was in a serious crash and was rushed to the trauma center at Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville, FL. Tony had stopped on the side of the road to help another driver change a tire when he was hit by a car. Linda says she and her husband took a flight from Pennsylvania to Jacksonville and got here as quickly as they could.

“I've just never seen so many tubes and lines and equipment surrounding one person. I was horribly frightened. We didn't know from hour to hour if he would make it.”

When Tony arrived at Memorial Linda says he had broken ribs, a punctured lung, an open book pelvic fracture, had lost more than half of his blood, had a hip socket fracture, and an injury to the right knee and right foot. Tony was rushed into surgery and spent nearly a month in the critical care unit. She says she couldn’t be more impressed with the staff.

“I feel the community and the CEOs of this hospital need to know how good this trauma team is and it's such an answer to the community. They saved my son's life. He wouldn't be here today without it and I just can't thank everybody enough. There's nothing I could ever do or say that would ever even come close to saying what you've done for me and my family. It's just amazing place and the people here have all been so kind and so caring towards my son when he couldn't speak.”

Linda says she’s also impressed with the way the staff treated her.

“They found out it was my birthday and they brought me a cake and brought it in with these nice beautiful little card with all well wishes. People just don't do that normally. They touched my heart and I'll always have a special place for each and every person.”

Tony is now in rehab and improving every day. He credits the staff at Memorial Hospital for saving his life.

“If it hadn't been for you guys, I'd probably be dead,” said Tony. I couldn't be more blessed to be in a better hospital....everyone thought I should be dead and here I am.”

Both Tony and his mom say they’re grateful Tony was taken to Memorial Hospital, a Level II Trauma Center.

“People need to know what fantastic doctors and nurses and everyone with the trauma team has just been wonderful,” she said. “It's been a horrible experience and I hope no one ever has to go through this ever again. I would not wish this on anyone, but he's alive because of this hospital.”

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