Surgery Preparation


AFTER MIDNIGHT, the night before surgery, DO NOT eat or drink anything, which includes water, coffee, candy, mints or chewing gum. Undigested food in the stomach can cause complications and your surgery is likely to be postponed or cancelled if you forget to follow these instructions. You may brush your teeth (taking care not to swallow any water).

IF YOU TAKE HEART, BLOOD PRESSURE, DIURETICS OR DIABETES MEDICATION please make sure you speak with our Pre-Op Screening Nurse to find out which medications to take or follow your surgeon’s instructions. Take medicines in AM as instructed by Screening Nurse/Surgeon with a little sip of water.

IF TAKING ANY DIET MEDICATIONS (weight loss drugs) you must be OFF of them for 14 calendar days prior to any surgery / procedure.

SLEEP APNEA, if you have sleep apnea, bring your C-PAP machine with you to the Center. You may need to use it in the Recovery Room. Anesthesia may want you to stay in the Recovery Room for up to 3 hours after your surgery to monitor you.

ARRANGE FOR AN ADULT TO ACCOMPANY YOU TO THE CENTER, DRIVE YOU HOME and stay with you for the first night. No patient is allowed to drive himself or herself home from the Surgery Center or be at home by themselves the first day.

BATHE OR SHOWER before coming to the Surgery Center. This will minimize the chance of infection. Clean clothes should be worn. Do not use any body lotions or powders the day of surgery.

IF YOUR CHILD IS HAVING SURGERY, feel free to bring his favorite stuffed animal or security blanket for added reassurance. If your child takes a bottle or sippy cup, please bring one with you for after the procedure. Any patient under the age of 18 MUST have a parent or guardian in the building at all times. It would be better if siblings did NOT accompany pediatric patients due to limited space and the privacy of our other patients. For pediatric patients, please make sure you have their social security number.

REMOVE ALL MAKE-UP, CONTACT LENSES AND JEWELRY (including body piercings). Leave all valuables at home. We suggest wearing loose, comfortable clothing. For cataract, arm or shoulder surgery wear a large, button up shirt. For leg or foot surgery wear shorts or wide legged pants.

LIMIT THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO ACCOMPANY YOU to the Surgery Center. To maximize the comfort of all visitors, we suggest that adult patients be accompanied by only ONE person.

IF YOU EXPERIENCE ANY HEALTH CHANGES between your most recent visit to your physician and the day of your procedure, notify your physician. Please report even minor changes such as elevated temperature, cough or cold.

IF YOU SUSPECT THAT YOU ARE PREGNANT, please notify your surgeon. Anesthesia medication may be harmful to the developing fetus.

BRING INSURANCE CARDS and picture I.D. (driver's license) with you on the day of surgery along with required payment in the form of cash, check or credit card.

WE MAY CONTACT YOU to review your health history/Medical Passport if needed. For questions or assistance with your Medical Passport call (904) 208-4146, Mon – Fri: 8:00 – 3:00, and leave a message for the Pre-Op screening nurse to return your call.


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