DIABETES is a unique disease because treatment depends greatly on the patient’s self management skills for optimal treatment outcomes. Through our Outpatient Diabetes Education Program, our Certified Diabetes Educators (including nurses and registered dietitians) can help you lead a healthier life by teaching current diabetes self management skills you need to optimize their diabetes control through positive lifestyle changes.

Since 1991, this program has been awarded Recognition by the American Diabetes Association in accordance with the National Standards for Diabetes Patient Education Programs.

Due to the comprehensive nature of diabetes, all patients referred to our Outpatient Diabetes Education Program are evaluated and instructed by both a diabetes nurse and registered dietitian to receive both an individual meal plan and appropriate education goals.

Our services include outpatient comprehensive classes with follow up sessions for adults with diabetes, individual counseling for insulin therapy instruction or special learning needs, and gestational diabetes classes. Inpatient consultations are available by request from the physician.

To schedule patients for outpatient diabetes education appointments and classes call Central Scheduling at (904) 702-1400; extension 1.

For further information about any of our diabetes education services, call the Diabetes Education Coordinator at (904) 702-1541.