Getting started with bariatric surgery in Jacksonville, Florida

Deciding if having bariatric surgery is the right path for you is not a choice to take lightly. Bariatric surgery is not a quick fix—it is a lifelong commitment to changing your life. It is our goal for you to feel prepared and provide support as you make a decision to undergo weight loss surgery.

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Memorial Hospital Jacksonville is proud to be recognized as a Blue Distinction Center+ by Blue Cross Blue Shield and an Accredited Center by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP).

Do I qualify for bariatric surgery?

For most patients, insurance coverage for weight loss surgery is an important factor. Our team at Memorial Bariatric Surgery will help determine your specific coverage and policy criteria, giving you a good idea of what to expect financially and medically from the process.

Typically, qualifying for weight loss surgery is framed in terms of your health and degree of clinical obesity. This process includes answering questions such as:

  • Is your body mass index (BMI) 40 or greater?
  • Is your BMI 35 or greater and do you have diagnosed co-morbidities, such as high blood pressure or diabetes?
  • Are you unable to maintain a healthy body weight even with a physician supervised weight loss program or other supervised methods?

Patients must have a BMI of 35 or higher with at least one obesity-related condition (such as hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea or hyperlipidemia) or a BMI of 40 or higher, regardless of obesity-related conditions, to qualify for this procedure.

How do I get started?

The first step in our bariatric program is attending a free seminar in-person or watching it online. This will give you an overview of the process, our practice and all options available. It will also help you understand the terminology and start thinking of questions you want to ask at your initial consultation.

Once you have completed a seminar, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with one of our bariatric surgeons. Remember, scheduling your first appointment does not mean you are scheduling surgery. It simply means you are taking the next step and learning more about your individual situation and developing a potential care plan.

The timeline from seminar to surgery can range from a few weeks to over a year. We recommend starting sooner rather than later and keeping in mind factors such as insurance requirements, annual deductibles and major life events you may have ahead.

Attend a bariatric seminar

Attending a seminar is your first step toward weight loss surgery. It's also a great opportunity to learn about your options and prepare for your first appointment. Seminars are free and will provide more information about qualifying for weight loss surgery, the procedures we offer and life after bariatric surgery.

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