24-hour emergency care in Jacksonville, FL

Open 24/7, the Memorial Hospital Jacksonville emergency room (ER) is always here to meet your family’s medical needs. Our team of emergency physicians and healthcare professionals treats more than 100,000 patients per year, making our ER one of the busiest in the region. Our dedicated team has expertise in treating various injuries, including heart attacks, strokes and other major medical emergencies.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.


certified primary stroke center the joint commission national quality approval

Features of our ER

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible in our care. To help us reach this goal, our ER features:

  • Advanced patient monitoring equipment
  • Behavioral health services
  • Comfortable treatment rooms
  • Separate entrances and waiting rooms for adult and pediatric patients
  • Trauma resuscitation rooms
  • State-of-the-art technology, allowing:
    • Emergency physicians to regulate a patient’s body temperature during a stroke or major brain event
    • Neurologists to immediately assess a patient during neurological emergencies
    • Patients to receive many cardiac test results and metabolic panels in minutes
    • Psychiatrists to immediately assess a patient during psychiatric emergencies

Our ER network

Memorial Hospital Jacksonville is proud to serve the Northeast Florida community with four convenient ER locations throughout the First Coast. In addition to our main ER, we provide the greater Jacksonville and St. Johns areas with emergency care for patients of all ages at these locations:

Conditions treated at our ER

Some of the common conditions treated at our ER include:

  • Broken bones
  • Cerebrovascular accidents (strokes)
  • Concussions and other head injuries
  • Coughing or throwing up blood or blood in the stool
  • Deep wounds with heavy bleeding
  • Heart attacks
  • High fever, uncontrolled nausea or diarrhea and dehydration
  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Severe burns
  • Severe headaches, dizziness, confusion and seizures
  • Suspected poisoning or drug/alcohol overdose
  • Trouble breathing

Stroke treatment

Our emergency medical staff can quickly diagnose strokes and perform life-saving care. This is why The Joint Commission recognizes our hospital as a Primary Stroke Center.

Heart attack treatment

Our emergency physicians provide prompt, effective heart attack treatment. Our team works quickly to diagnose symptoms and restore proper blood flow to the heart.

Pediatric emergency care

Staffed by specially trained pediatric emergency physicians and nurses, our kid-friendly ER treats serious injuries and illnesses, including heart issues and respiratory infections. Our facility features child-friendly artwork and special lighting to provide the most comfortable experience possible. We provide:

  • A separate entrance and waiting room for pediatric patients
  • Kid-friendly examination rooms
  • Large, private exam rooms equipped with touch-screen tablets
  • Pediatric resuscitation rooms to care for critically ill patients
  • Specially designed pediatric equipment, including cardiac monitors and ventilators

Emergency care for traumatic injuries

Memorial Hospital Jacksonville has a Level II Trauma Center. This designation means our trauma center provides:

  • Comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for critically injured patients
  • 24/7 availability of our trauma team, which includes:
    • Ear nose and throat (ENT) doctors
    • Neurosurgeons
    • Ophthalmologists
    • Oral and plastic surgeons
    • Orthopedic doctors
    • Radiologists
    • Surgeons

When to use emergency care vs. urgent care

It can be challenging to determine whether to visit an ER or urgent care clinic for a medical situation. The answer depends on the severity of the health issue. Memorial Hospital Jacksonville is staffed with experts to treat major medical issues at our emergency room (ER). For minor issues, you can receive urgent care at a walk-in clinic.