Cathy Doll

Went on July 7 about 1pm. Thought I had strep throat, and was literally in tears it hurt so bad... Thought the wait would be long based on the number of cars in the parking lot; but it wasn't. Waited less than 5 minutes for vitals, less than 5 minutes for registration, less than 5 minutes for the doctor. Less than 5 minutes for a strep test. EVERYONE was courteous, kind, quick and efficient. I even had my two small children with me, and the staff was wonderful and understanding with them as well. I didn't actulaly time my visit, but I didn't get forgotten in a room; the way it always seems when you go to the ER. I was out the door in under 90 minutes with my prescriptions and, since I've just moved back to town the names of two doctors to follow up with. They were AWESOME. They called to check on me about two days after my visit to make sure I was still okay and to ask about my visit. Would absolutely go there again if I needed an emergency visit.

-Patient, Memorial Emergency Center - Atlantic