Donna and Paul Sallee’



September 21, 2017 is a day Donna Sallee’ says she’ll never forget. She remembers receiving a call from a nurse at Memorial Hospital, telling her she needed to get to the ER right away. Donna’s husband, Paul, is a longtime electrician and had been working on a job in Jacksonville when he fell four stories.

“When I got here, my husband was badly shattered all over and there was not much hope for him,” said Donna. “We found out he had a fractured neck in three places. He had a kidney laceration. He had an aneurism in the shoulder that had to have a stint in it. He had broken ribs on both sides. He had a badly bruised lungs. His left leg was shattered where he had to end up having seven surgeries, skin grafts and a lot of extensive repair. The pelvic bones were broken and his hips were broken.”

The trauma team at Memorial jumped into action. Paul was rushed into surgery and spent more than two weeks in the Intensive Care Unit.

“The first night---it was very slim, very dim, all the family was there, said Donna. “They told us to get the family there. And they let us go in the ICU because, in retrospect, I believe we were saying our goodbyes.”

But Donna and her family say there was no need to say goodbye because Paul made a miraculous recovery.

“They kept my husband alive, “she said. “Every team member was there with comfort and compassion. They stayed on task. If anything was needed, they were there.”

Donna and her husband live in Palm Coast and were not familiar with Memorial Hospital until now. Donna says she would highly recommend this hospital to anyone facing life-threatening injuries.

“If you need the trauma team, this is the place to be,” she said. “I know he was in the right place at the right time. Without God, first of all, being the ultimate healer, and without the trauma team being in place, I know without a doubt that my husband would not be here today.”

Donna says Paul is an amazing testament of how the team saves lives.

“I would just like to say, thank you to everyone at Memorial Hospital. You are an amazing team and we're here because of you and God.”