Meet the Miliken Family



As a mother and father of two young boys, Ashley and James are always on their toes. Finn is a smiley, three year old boy, full of energy. Merritt is six and loves baseball. From school to doctors' appointments to baseball practices, there never seems to be a dull moment for this family.

One day, while the boys and their father were playing in the backyard, their playtime turned tragic. Merritt, who was practicing his baseball swings, accidentally hit Finn in the head with his baseball bat.

Finn hit the ground and started bleeding.

Ashley and James jumped into action quickly. They knew their little boy needed to be treated at an ER and needed to be treated quickly. Fortunately, the Millikens live close to the Memorial Emergency Center - Julington Creek. Not only was it a short drive, but the family knew about its reputation of providing high-quality emergency care to both adults and children. Earlier in the year, Mr. Milliken was a patient there himself when he sustained an injury to his foot.

This time, the family jumped in the car and drove right to the Memorial Emergency Center - Julington Creek. Within minutes of arriving, they were being cared for by the ER staff.

James describes the staff and physicians as genuine, making them feel comfortable right away. Ashley describes their experience as the best experience they've ever had at an ER. Overall, the family says they would recommend this facility to their friends - hands down!